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Loxo Cladding has updated their technical manual

To all specifiers, please familiarise yourselves with our technical manual changes pertaining to the Loxo exclusive jamb flashing.

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Loxo AAC Technical Specifications

Loxo AAC Panels perform exceptionally well in all circumstances – they have excellent thermal and acoustic performance, display impressive fire resistance, have excellent durability and workability, and are environmentally friendly. By choosing Loxo Panels over conventional masonry, you will not only gain in long-term value through quality and performance, but also save on low maintenance and ongoing costs. Loxo Panels have CODEMARK Certification.

CODEMARK Certmark Certificate CM70065

Thermal Properties

Loxo AAC Panels have good insulation properties with low thermal conductivity (U-value) and reduce the interior effects of extreme outside temperatures in summer.

Click on the links below for either of our Loxo closed cavity or vented system thermal calculation certificates.

Loxo Vented Thermal Certificate

Loxo Unvented Thermal Certificate

Sound Performance

While Loxo AAC Veneer Panels, Blocks and Floor Panels are lightweight compared to standard concrete they maintain a high surface mass. The Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) provide excellent damping for accoustic vibrations. This allows Loxo Panels to absorb and reduce transmission of sound from both outside sources and environmental noise, as well as indoor echoes. Houses with Loxo Panels are quieter and more comfortable than those with most other cladding systems.

Loxo Cladding Sound Insulation Performance

Fire Resistance

The materials used in Loxo AAC Veneer Panels, Blocks, Floor and Fence Panels have an ignitability index of 0 and will not combust in the event of fire. They also will not emit any toxic gasses or vapours, and require temperatures over 1100C to combust.

Download Australian Fire Test Report (CSIRO)

Download Loxo Fire Rated Boundary Systems

Download Loxo 90/90/90 Commercial End & Inter Tenancy Wall Fire Rated System

Durability and Workability

Loxo AAC Veneer Panels, Blocks and Floor Panels are low-maintenance products with high durability. They easily surpass New Zealand Building Code requirements for minimum life expectancy, excel in quality and dimensional accuracy, will not warp or rot, and are resistant to pests. Similarly, they will withstand impacts likely to occur in normal domestic or commercial conditions.

Our panels have enough design flexibility to suit any situation. They allow for modular design and construction to minimal cutting and wastage and facilitate the easy addition of additional design features such as quoins and corbels.

Environmental and Economic

Loxo AAC Veneer Panels, Blocks and Floor Panels are formed with autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), which is a mineral-based natural, non-toxic, and pollutant-free building material made from abundant resources. It is resource efficient, with a finished product volume of four to five times the raw materials used. The production processes are extremely environmentally-friendly with all waste product recycled back into production and no pollutant emission.


Loxo can help you with your re-cladding needs whether it’s due to earthquake damage or a leaky home or simply because you desire a different aesthetic. Loxo panels are a superb replacement for existing brick veneer.

Download our re-cladding detail and associated engineer’s producer statement