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Approved External Coating Partners

Loxo Claddings System NZ Limited has partnered with Wattyl Granosite as the preferred provider of exterior plaster coatings for the Loxo AAC Panel system. We have also approved Masons external plastering system as an alternative coatings supplier. Our product warranties and life expectations are based on the partnership of Loxo AAC Panels with high-quality Masons or Wattyl Granosite reinforced plaster systems.

For the Paint Finish, Loxo Claddings System NZ Limited allows the applicator to choose their own brand of pure acrylic, high performance elastomeric paint. Loxo Claddings System NZ Limited recommends; Resene x200, Dulux Acratex or Granosite top coats.

Darker colours heat up in the sun and can cause problems with expansion and contraction of the surface and for this reason the paint colour is restricted to a depth of 25% LRV or more for guarantee purposes.

Find a full list of Masons and Wattyls Granosite product specifications on our downloads page.

Granosite Textures

The Granosite system consists of a number of exterior plaster products and finishing options. Hover over a texture to see it’s name, and click to see a description of the coating.


Grano Sponge Finish®

Grano Sponge Finish® is a high performance pre blended modified cement based texturing material designd for use over Grano Adhesive Mortar®.

– Suitable for interior & exterior use.

– Formulated to produce sponge, floated and various other finishes.

– Can be applied between 2-3mm thickness in one application.

Download Grano Sponge Finish® Specification Guide


GranoAntique® is a trowel applied pigmented acrylic texture coating giving an elegant yet rustic fine grainy textured finish.

GranoAntique® is overcoated with GranoImpact® or GranoSkin® membrane for enhanced durability.

– Suitable for interior or exterior use.

GranoAntique® may be used to decorate, restore and protect commercial buildings, resorts, high-rise buildings, homes and offices.

Download GranoAntique® Specification Guide

Grano Marble®

GranoMarble® is a sophisticated grainy texture applied by towel.

GranoMarble® is over coated with GranoImpact® or granoSkin® membrane for enhanced durability.

GranoMarble® is pigmented primarily with crushed and graded marble.

– Suitable for interior & exterior use.

Download GranoMarble® Specification Guide

Granosite Paint Finishes and Bostik Waterproofing

Wattyl offers, as a paint finish for Loxo Panels, the GranoImpact paint product. Hover over the images below to find the name, and click to see a description of the product.


GranoImpact® is a pure acrylic, high performance elastomeric coating able to be applied in a variety of styles by roller or spray.

GranoImpact® systems have good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and have excellent resistance to mould and fungi.

As an acrylic membrane, the vapour permeability of GranoImpact® is carefully controlled to form a barrier to external moisture, while allowing vapour in the substrate to escape. It is, however, not suitable for situations where hydrostatic pressure exists.

GranoImpact® provides the best of both worlds combining the protective quality of high performance membrane but with the ease of use of application and aesthetic appeal of a decorative paint.


Bostik ASA Dampfix Gold – Dampfix Gold is an elastomeric one part fibre-reinforced water-based polyurethane membrane used for waterproofing shower recesses, bathrooms, laundries and roofs.

Further Information

We have a number of additional finishes available. For more information on these finishes or for additional data and specification sheets on any finishes, please visit either Masons www.mpb.co.nz or www.wattyls.co.nz .