LOXO Cladding Systems – Aerated concrete panels

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Loxo AAC Panels

Loxo AAC Panels are easy to install and provide benefits over conventional cladding solutions such as plastered brick. The panels themselves weigh far less than standard concrete allowing installations on timber wall frames without complex and expensive engineering and support. Installation is simple and fast, with our panels utilising a Loxo flashing system to create secondary weather defence cavity and feature details such as grooves and express lines that can be easily added unlike other plaster-based cladding systems.

Loxo AAC Blocks

Loxo AAC Blocks are a cost effective alternative to traditional concrete hollow core masonry for all walls in single and multi-storey residential and commercial buildings. The installation and reinforcing is much simpler and cost effective as the weight of the wall is far less. Loxo AAC Block wall construction system provides a solid masonry wall with excellent durability, accoustic and insulation performance.

Loxo AAC Panel Fences

Loxo AAC Panel Fences can be installed in a variety of ways. Each suited to individual aethetic requirements and wind loadings. The Loxo AAC Panels are secured in place with either concrete or metal posts, both completed with a plaster finish. The panels can be easily feature details such as grooves and express lines.